Rick drawing Traditional (pen on paper) caricatures at a wedding.

Caricaturist for hire at your event:

* iPad Caricaturist (with screen or mingling with guests)

* Traditional pen on paper caricaturist

Also:  Caricatures from photos  


So, you're looking for a caricaturist, caricature artist or cartoonist?

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Rick has been working as a full time caricaturist and cartoonist for 25 years, both in the studio and on-the-spot at private or corporate events, and it’s his job to delight and amaze you with amazing lifelike caricatures and cartoons.

Rick can be hired at competitive rates for private parties, and has also proved extremely popular at corporate events such as exhibitions and product launches– as well as providing graphic note-taking at conferences.

Caricatures are fun and exciting – and they can be used in so many ways. Everyone will be truly entertained as Rick mingles with guests drawing his caricatures!

Based in Hertfordshire, Rick's caricature and cartoon services are available throughout the UK including London, Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Kent and Middlesex. – although he’s open minded to overseas commissions too, having recently worked in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, as well as in France and Oman.

Contact Rick today to ask him about what he can do for you.

Live work

iPad caricatures drawn live on screen

Hire Rick to work on-the-spot at your event, either as an iPad Caricaturist or as a Traditional Caricaturist with pen on paper, Rick’s natural style is both funny and complimentary, making him a big favourite at both weddings and corporate events. He can create a whole picture portraying a full body caricature; involving a hobby or pastime - or using a bespoke template on the iPad.

If you’re thinking of booking Rick as a caricaturist at your event, please bear in mind that he can draw ten to fifteen people in an hour. If you have a specific number of people that must be drawn please consult Rick on the feasibility first…and if it’s a large number of people in a short space of time, then he has a list of top quality caricaturists he can call upon to help with the work load.

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Traditional pen on paper caricatures

Whether it’s a massive event or a small gathering your guests will be entertained with funny fantastic caricatures creating a unique memento to remember the event by.

Rick’s live work takes him to all types of events across the country and abroad, including product launches, exhibitions, grand prix, conferences, weddings, barmitzvahs and batmitzvahs, golf days and more.

Studio work


Studio created caricature of Barrack Obama

Rick’s studio work involves private and commercial commissions of caricatures from photos and commissions for magazines and newspapers. These include group caricatures, with a major client being the Armed Forces: Rick has established himself as one of the leading artists producing Officers' Mess Group Paintings. There are now over 150 of his paintings of up to sixty people hanging in messes around the world!

Group Caricature for the Daily Mail Classified Staff

Group Caricature for the Daily Mail Classified Staff

He was the gag cartoonist for Sport First newspaper for two years with ‘Rick’s Sporting View’. He has been the cartoonist for Quest magazine since 1999. He had caricatures commissioned by ‘This Morning’ show for the last series of ' I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here,’ and produced work for Talk Sport radio advertising campaigns. His work regularly appears in ITN and Channel 4 News items. He recently appeared as a guest on the Alan Titchmarsh show.