On Your Trade Stand

The best people magnet bar none at an exhibition. The best freebie. The best entertainment. Great data collection. iPad caricaturing with the big 55”display screen ticks all the boxes. If you want to provide unique but also branded give aways this is best way to do it.

The large display screen shows the colour caricatures appearing on screen as they’re being drawn. A great way to stop passing traffic.

The colour caricature takes 5-8 minutes the perfect amount of time for your staff to engage the visitor and make their acquaintance.

The visitor is given a colour print that fits neatly into the ID wallet worn on the lanyard around their necks. That caricature print displays your brand so the visitor very kindly advertises your stand as they walk around.

The visitor volunteers their email address so you can send on a digital version of their caricature picture post event.
We can photograph each visitor next to their caricature on screen and use that for social media.

These freebies will not become obsolete, break, lose vital data, or end up in a bin – they will be treasured and circulated on social media and your company will be associated with that goodwill for many years to come.

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