Terms and Conditions for Rick Coleman Ltd.

The Artist is Rick Coleman, the company Rick Coleman.
The Client is as stated on the booking confirmation form (“the booking form”). If the Client is represented by an agency, the agency shall take on the responsibilities of the Client regardless of any statement on any agency contract.
Virtual e-Caricatures
The artist will attend the virtual event at the designated time. Should technical issues prevent the artist from satisfactorily completing the work they
will endeavour to rearrange the session at a mutually agreeable date and time.
The Artist will appear at an event or events at the venue(s) and for the times as stated on the booking form.
The Artist will appear for the times shown on the booking form. Whilst the Artist will endeavour to be as flexible as possible for his clients, and reasonable onsite changes of timings will be considered by the Artist , it may not be possible to effect major changes in timings. The Artist reserves the right to charge for
any additional time spent at the venue which has not been previously agreed.
The Artist will make every possible effort to arrive in good time to commence work as agreed. However, if the Artist is held up by rail delays, traffic, weather
conditions or any reason beyond his control, he will make every endeavour to keep the Client informed of his progress. In such circumstances the Artist will
make every endeavour to make good his time at the venue.
The Artist will always appear smartly dressed, even if casual.
The Artist will use his time at the venue to draw as many people as possible. Due to the unique nature of each individual event, the Artist cannot guarantee the
numbers drawn, unless this has been agreed with the Client and is stated on the contract.
Unless there is a natural break in the proceedings the Artist will take a break every (approx.) 90-120 minutes.
For events which last all day the Artist would appreciate the courtesy of suitable sustenance and refreshment.
-by the Client
If the Client cancels, The Artist’s fee shall become payable as follows:
10% of the total fee if cancellation is made 8 or more weeks before the original date of the event.
50% of the total fee if cancellation is made 4 or more weeks before the original date of the event.
100% of the total fee if the cancellation is made 2 weeks before the original date of the event.
-by the Artist
Should the Artist have to cancel, any monies paid to the Artist by the Client shall be refunded in full and/or the Artist shall make his best endeavours to find a
replacement artist of equivalent quality. The replacement Artist would expect a fee at the equivalent of that paid to the Artist.
Rick is a member of Equity who provide their members with legal representation.
Copyright in all works remain the property of the Artist. The subjects of the Artists drawings may, however make personal use of the drawings or utilise them in
-house (e.g. private web site, intranet, or published in an in-house magazine), but they must not be used for any commercial purpose including advertising or
paid lectures or as illustration for any commercial publication including professional publications without prior written agreement from the Artist. A fee may be
payable for copyright license. Artwork can be used for non profit as you please.
Full or part payment must be received by the artist by the agree date. An interest rate of 6% is chargeable on any payment made after the agreed due date.
All notices shall be sent to the Artist and to the Client at the address stated in the confirmation. Each party shall give written confirmation of any change of
address to the other party prior to the date of such change.
Governing Law
These terms and conditions are governed by the Law of England and Wales and may not be varied except by agreement in writing. The parties hereto submit to
the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.