Gallery for Caricatures from photos

When composing a caricature from a photos take a look at the samples below and decide to what level of rendering you would like your picture to be. This will directly affect the cost because the cost is related to the time the artist has to spend creating it. The higher the level of detail the longer the time and therefore the higher the cost. When asking for a quote include the caption number below the sample when referring to it.

As can be seen from the variety of samples below it is impossible to give fixed prices to paintings because there are so many variables.

It is always a good idea to have an idea of budget before you order. It may be that the artist can't produce the painting how you imagined for an affordable price but can meet your budget by adjusting the level of detail and still achieve the desired composition.

One simple rule for affecting cost is the black outline used in some samples. The black outline is drawn to define the figure and colour is added to that. This is a quicker and therefore less expensive method. Without using black outline there is a great deal more work to do in colour for the artist but produces a more realistic result.

When ordering a caricature to be drawn from a photo the following things should be noted.

  1. The artist can only create a likeness of the photo you supply. This may not be an accurate representation of the person you know so please consider this when choosing photos.
  2. Make sure your 'brief' or composition description has as many details as you require. For instance be descriptive where necessary. Is it just a car, a black car, a black Mercedes car, a black Mercedes sports car etc. The artist, without instruction, will assume the detail doesn't matter and may have to charge extra fees if you only supply these details after they've been drawn.
  3. Alterations can be made to digital artwork but the artist may charge to make them. Any mistakes made by the artist will be corrected free of charge.