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About Rick

Rick Coleman - Caricature Artist

Rick is a highly experienced caricaturist for hire at your event whilst still happy to work traditionally with pen and paper his speciality is working digitally on the iPad and if you would like to make the whole experience more inclusive he can link into a large screen for your guests to enjoy watching him drawing live.  His work with the iPad and screen has become one of the most popular attractions at Exhibitions, Trade Stands and Conferencing. To learn more about how Rick's iPad caricaturing can boost traffic to your stand click on this link.   Quick Video

What We Do

Drawing board

When Rick is not providing live entertainment, he is sat at his drawing board producing caricatures from photos and cartoon illustration work. He also specialises in group caricatures for the armed forces and corporate clients.

His illustration work includes cartoons for ITN and Channel Four News items as well as cartoons for trade magazines, newspapers, cartoons and corporate presentations.

Rick produces celebrity caricatures for magazines and various publications.

Working with a computer, Rick draws the pencil rough from a series of photographs then works the colour into layers which are then flattened down to create the final artwork.

From Royalty to TV personalities; Musicians to Actors and Actresses - Rick's celebrity caricatures bear an uncanny likeness!

You can view all of the celebrity caricatures in a large format by visiting the gallery



  • iPad caricatures at Gala Ball

    One of the pleasures of working with the iPad and screen at events is that it reduces the pressure created by the client to get as many people drawn as possible. Everybody wants value for money and the clients interpret that as 'how many can you draw?' Never mind, how good you are or how entertaining you are. It's the caricaturist's Continue Reading

  • iPad caricatures aboard the Belfast

    Always fun to do a new venue. I had visited HMS Belfast when I was a kid and nothing has changed much I remember the claustrophobic atmosphere and feeling of gratitude that I had never had to 'go to war' at all let alone in such an unforgiving oppressive craft. How lucky am I that my only time onboard has Continue Reading

  • Travel &Technology Show Olympia

    I don't know about you but one thing that breaks my heart is seeing some poor soul with a market stall or shop that's failing to attract customers. You know it's cost them a great deal, the investment all the hard work but no matter how good their product is without customers it'll all be for nothing. For this Travel Continue Reading

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Phone: 01707 695296
E-mail: rick@caricature.co.uk