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Rick Coleman - Caricature Artist


Rick is a highly experienced caricaturist for hire, who works with both traditional pen on paper and digital caricatures on an iPad; either on the spot at your wedding, barmitzvah or corporate event, or from photos that you send in.

Rick can be hired at competitive rates for private parties, and has also proved extremely popular at corporate events such as exhibitions and product launches– as well as providing graphic note-taking at conferences.

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When Rick is not providing live entertainment, he is sat at his drawing board producing caricatures from photos and cartoon illustration work. He also specialises in group caricatures for the armed forces and corporate clients.

His illustration work includes cartoons for ITN and Channel Four News items as well as cartoons for trade magazines, newspapers, cartoons and corporate presentations.

Rick produces celebrity caricatures for magazines and various publications.

Working with a computer, Rick draws the pencil rough from a series of photographs then works the colour into layers which are then flattened down to create the final artwork.

From Royalty to TV personalities; Musicians to Actors and Actresses - Rick's celebrity caricatures bear an uncanny likeness!

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  • How to win friends and influence people

    Mention the word 'caricatures' as entertainment to some people and watch their face screw up. Their experience is mostly based around being forced by their parents to sit for a caricature on a promenade somewhere and have their teenage phobias recorded on paper for the whole world to laugh at for the rest of their lives. As more mature adults Continue Reading

  • Albert Hall

    Now I can honestly say I've performed at the Albert Hall. Okay so there was no audience beyond the 200 staff guests attending their annual summer party but hey who's counting? The interior is stunning as most people know and designed rather like a circus ring with a stage at one side. I was set up around the edge with Continue Reading

  • YouTube stars for Google

    Had to dust off the old Android Samsung 10.1 for this party as the hosts have an aversion to PC and Mac. But there was work to be done before the gig. Another business interest of Google is of course YouTube and so they called upon the very talented YouTube singer songwriter Martin Luke Brown to provide some of the entertainment. Continue Reading

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Phone: 01707 695296
E-mail: rick@caricature.co.uk