How to win friends and influence people

Mention the word 'caricatures' as entertainment to some people and watch their face screw up. Their experience is mostly based around being forced by their parents to sit for a caricature on a promenade somewhere and have their teenage phobias recorded on paper for the whole world to laugh at for the rest of their lives. As more mature adults we are far more comfortable in our own skin but even so bad memories endure and few people relish the prospect of revisiting that experience.

So it's nice when a client has taken a bit of risk and hired you anyway only to discover that it's so popular that they want to book you again for a future date and in order to guarantee your presence are willing to let me set the date.

Zanussi, Electrolux, Hoover, Vax are all represented by AO and it was at their Bolton HQ the fun day took place.

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It was great day and good to change a popular myth that caricatures can't be fun or desirable. Facebook and the like were buzzing with their images and tweets. Now I'm looking forward to doing it all again sometime.

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